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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to attend Explorer Hop Courses?

How do I contact Explorer Hop Support?

How will I get the login information for LIVE programs?

How do I get help with my course?

How do I get login information for SELF-LEARN Programs?

How can I book a Private Group Class?

Can I learn the Explorer Hop programs at my own pace?

How can I change the classes I have registered my child in?

Will you have in-person camps this summer?

My child is younger than the age requirement can I enroll them?

What is your referral program?

Global Programs

What countries do you offer your programs in?

Are the programs offered globally the same as those offered in North America?

Math Programs

Who qualifies as a proctor?

How often do parents receive feedback about my work?

Refund policy

What is your cancellation policy?


What is an Affiliate?

Can I be an Explorer Hop Affiliate?

How do I become an Explorer Hop Affiliate?

How much can an Explorer Hop Affiliate make?

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